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Buying a New Construction Home?

Buying a Pre-Owned Home?

Get a Rebate When you Purchase a New Construction Home

Are you planning to buy a new construction home?  Let us know before you visit a new construction home sales rep so we can set up an appointment for you, get you registered, and discuss with the sales rep on getting you a rebate.


Register a Purple Tree Realty agent with the builder's sales rep so we can help you understand the contract, stay on top of the deadlines, and be there for you during the walk through inspections. We will also negotiate at least a 1% rebate of the base sales price for you! When you visit a builder's sales office, it is important that you include one of our names (Sue Florsch or Brett Herbert) as your Realtor on the registration card to ensure you receive the rebate. It is a common misconception when purchasing a new construction home that if you don’t have realtor representation, the builder will discount the price of the home. When in fact, if a buyer does not use their own buyer’s agent, the sales price still remains the same and the builder’s sales rep may get a higher commission or the funds just remain in the builders marketing fund.

Why Use Us When Purchasing a New Construction Home?

The builder’s sales agent represents the builder, they do not represent “you”, the consumer.


Also, since we have a seasoned professional home inspector on our team, you will be informed of any issues that may arise during a new construction and what to watch out for.


We can help save you money in the form of a rebate.  Bring less money to closing or put the rebate towards new items you may need for your new home!

Are you ready to begin a search for your new home?  Click here to access the new builder home search!


*Buyer rebates are based on a commission of 3.5% paid by the builder when you purchase a home through a builder's sales office and when we have not shown you any pre-owned homes. This rebate is for the client who knows from the start that they want a new construction home.  The 1% rebate will be reflected as a credit on your closing settlement statement prepared by the title company. Rebate amounts may be limited by your lender, therefore it would be in your best interest to inform your loan officer of the rebate as soon as possible.

Get Access to MLS to Search for

Your Dream Home

First time home buyer? Let us hold your hand during one of the biggest decisions of your life.  We will educate you on the whole home buying process to help eliminate surprises down the road, and we can refer you to an experienced trusted mortgage lender if you need one.


Seasoned buyer? We will listen to your wants and needs and won’t waste your time showing you homes that don’t fit your criteria, and we will use our expertise to help you negotiate a strong offer.

We are here to help your home buying process go as smoothly as possible and are there for you starting with viewing properties, right on up until the closing date when you get the keys to your new home.  We help you find a home, submit the offer on your behalf, work with the sellers agent, explain the contract to you, point out important elements, and stay on top of all the deadlines, all the while protecting your best interests.  We take care of the "heavy stuff" so you can concentrate on your day to day life activities!


Before you even start searching for a home, we highly recommend you contact a mortgage lender to determine how much of a mortgage you can comfortably afford.  By getting this step out of the way up front, it helps us to negotiate your offer better and it helps prevent disappointment down the road.  Have you ever experienced wanting something so bad, only to discover that you can't afford it?  It's not a good feeling.  Get started on your pre-approval today! 

Are you ready to begin searching for a home?  Click here to access up to date listings directly from MLS.

Or click here to download the HomeScout App.  An innovative home search tool that is 100% updated with MLS.  If prompted, enter VIP code 8177337791 to access MLS listings at your fingertips.

Special Program for Texas ISD Employees

Special Program

Purple Tree Realty is a proud partner of the Educator Mortgage Program with The Statewide Group at Supreme Lending.  We are honored to serve you by providing the best mortgage loan and home buying experience. All Teachers, Staff, Coaches, Librarians, Nurses, Secretaries, Custodial/Facilities, School/District Leadership, Professors, Adjunct Staff, Counselors, and all other ISD/Higher EDU/Private EDU employees are welcome to participate in this wonderful program.

Highlights of the Program:


Discounted Closing Costs

Receive reduced closing costs from a lender who strongly believes in education and giving back to teachers and employees in the education field.

Discounted Real Estate Agent Fees

Receive a credit from Purple Tree Realty when you close on your home.

Donations to Your School

So many school programs are underfunded and we are here to help by making a donation to your preferred school program.

Click Here for more detailed information on the Educator Program.

Or Contact us for more information on this wonderful program!

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