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Is the Seller Required to Make Repairs During the Sale of a Home?

No, a seller is not required to make repairs, but depending on the type of repair requested by the buyer, most sellers are willing to work with the buyer to help move the sale along.

The Option Period

The option period is the buyers unrestricted right to terminate a contract within the negotiated number of days. This is the time when a buyer needs to determine if the home, including its faults is the right home for them.

Most buyers are told that the option period is the time to get the home inspected and negotiate repairs for items that show up as deficiencies on the home inspection report. While the option period is the time for negotiating repairs, it does not mean that the seller has to agree to the repair requests. Because of this, a buyer should be asking themselves if they can live with any repairs the home may need at the agreed to sales price. And if the seller agrees to any repairs, then it’s a plus for the buyer.

Work With an Experienced Home Inspector and Realtor

Buying a home is one of the biggest investment for most people, so it’s important to team yourself up with an experienced realtor and home inspector to help you make the right decisions.

The professional home inspector can answer your questions about any items that show up deficient on the inspection report, and an experienced realtor can help guide you on the items most sellers will or will not address and will inform you which repairs are required to be done by a licensed professional.

Requesting Funds In Lieu of Repairs

Another option for the buyer is to request funds in lieu of the seller making any repairs. This way, the buyer can do the repair themselves if they are handy, or hire their own contractor. The buyer will need to get quotes for repairs or estimate an amount they feel would be sufficient to cover the repairs. If the seller agrees, these funds will be credited to the buyer at closing.

In short, a seller is not required to make any buyer requested repairs, but with realistic requests, most sellers will agree to the repairs or credit funds to the buyer at closing to keep the sale moving forward.

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