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Winter Can Still Be A Good Time To Sell Your Home

Sure, spring and summer tend to be the busiest time for home sellers, but if done right, listing your home in the winter can lead to a timely and successful sale. And there are several steps you can take to help ensure this.

Most of the buyers are going to be more serious in the winter months because they are usually buying out of necessity. They have either had a job or a lifestyle change, or simply want to move, and when buyers are serious, they will keep looking for a home despite the weather.

With the lack of inventory during the winter months and the more serious buyers out there looking, your odds of selling have dramatically improved. You still have to do your part in attracting the buyer, and here are some tips to help ensure a timely and successful sale:

Great Photos: Most buyers begin their home search on-line, and more so during the colder months as buyers will browse the internet from the warmth of their home before committing to going out. Therefore, your listing photos should be top notch and professional, and should capture all your home has to offer.

Home Repairs: If you need to make home repairs before the sale of your house, most contractors are more readily available in the winter months and you may even find one that will charge less during their slower time. Even if the contractor will not negotiate on their charges, their quicker availability will mean that your house is ready to sell quicker, resulting in less mortgage payments for you.

Curb Appeal: Most homes lack some curb appeal during the winter months, but you can easily take steps to make your home look inviting. Make sure that all the outside lights are working and turned on by dusk. Keep your doorstep swept and free of debris blown in by the wind.

Inviting and Cozy: During the daytime, be sure to leave your blinds and curtains open to let in as much natural sunlight as possible. You can place a few nice smelling candles or potpourri around the house. If you like to bake, a fresh batch of cookies or brownies will help create a nice homey feel. Even some nice warm throws placed neatly over the back of a couch or chair can help make a home look warm and inviting. As with any time of the year, it is important to always keep your home neat, clean and clutter free when selling. Do keep the holiday décor to a minimum so buyers can vision their furnishings in the home.

Right Pricing: Pricing your home to sell during the winter months is very important. Even though there is less inventory and most buyers are more serious about purchasing a home during the winter months, they will still want a fair price. There will also be less chance of receiving multiple offers on a home and you are less likely to get an offer for more than list price. Consulting a professional real estate agent to help you price your home right will help ensure a quicker sale. By listing with a flat fee broker such as Purple Tree Realty, you can potentially save thousands of dollars in listing fees and have some flexibility with your list price.

Don’t delay. If you have a home you want to sell, go ahead and put it on the market now.

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